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So, I have changed free hosts yet again, I hope to migrate all of my data to this site, unfortunately I’ve lost some of my Linux and guitar (and pedal/amps) mod how-to’s along the way, but most of those can still be found in the reddit archives. Thanks for stopping by… oh, and I do have a site certificate, (there may be a “Not secure” notification on your browser), I have yet to make it work with my free hosting and cloudfare account. I do not store or track any personal data, cloudfare collects your browser type, OS and other pertinent information of a similar fashion (e.g. device type [mobile, tablet, desktop]) but it does so anonymously (it doesn’t keep track of whom is visiting from which device). This data helps me design the site to suit the users experience. Feel free to modify your browser settings to hide this information at will. I will never collect any personal data.